• What can you tell me about prepaid meters and its benefits?

    •  PREPAID meters enable users to manage their electricity consumption
    •  No consumption deposit required on application.
    •  No more inaccurate bill
    •  No need for meter readers to access your property.
    •  With our solution you can purchase prepaid electricity anytime day or night.
    •  24hrs Call centre assistance available to prescribed users of the services.

  • What advantage is Contour Technology Managed Vending Solution to me?

    • It makes the prepaid electricity users more aware of their usage
    • Electricity credit usage is recovered upfront which assists with your bulk bill reconciliation.
    • Expense recovery is more efficient ensuring better cash flow.

  • What is the process of installing a prepaid meter?

    • Firstly we can supply you with a meter or we can convert your existing meter over to our service.
    • It’s a simple fuss free conversion. We will provide you with a step by step guide.

  • How will I as a Landlord get paid?

    At month end we transfer the funds over to you, together with a reconciled report.

  • Do you sell meters?

    Yes we do supply meters. We can arrange to send you a quote for your desired qty. Please enquire with us.

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About Us

Contour Technology is a wholly South African owned company.

Company structure

• Contour Technology
Cyber Vendit
Contour Electricity
Cyber E-Meter

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Our Products & Services

• PC Based Vending
• Point Of Sale
• Hosted Solutions
• Outsourced managed solutions
• Owner Managed Solutions
• Card Encoding Solutions

• Single Phase Cyber E-Meter
• Split Cyber E-Meter
• Three Phase Cyber E-Meter

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